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Cindy Benchmark

This workout was the Main Site WOD 1 time on 07/15/2012
As many rounds in 20 minutes 10 Pullups 15 Pushups 20 Squats


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Result Type: Rounds |  Average: 23 rounds |  Record: 635 rounds held by <a href="/profiles/45833">Chris Pearson</a>
Taken 833 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Chris PearsonRXed 635 rounds03/15/2014
2Eric DadouModified 610 rounds10/04/2013
3Jeremy WickerRXed 600 rounds10/14/2013
4Jason LeiserRXed 588 rounds11/06/2013
5Ari OlliRXed 542 rounds01/11/2014
6Kevin Mc NamaraRXed 459 rounds01/10/2014
7Bernard LimRXed 425 rounds12/23/2013
8Brian Mc PheronRXed 375 rounds11/25/2013
9Pontus BardRXed 361 rounds12/09/2013
10Leslie EscherModified 305 rounds04/16/2014

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why is there no way to log Cindy, only “Cindy with a twist” ??
I agree. 61 rds is definately BS. If its not, shut us all up and post a video.
the innacurate scores are the worest thing about this site. the mods need fix this. I know that when I have made typo its second guesses me and says "whoa tiger, I know youre fast, but..." and the name change of a bench march is bullshit.
For the same reason deadlift max got renamed to deadlift couplet and has a time instead of a max load. Someone appears to have figured out how to edit workouts.
why is this now "with a twist" ?
It would be nice to sort by date taken and rounds completed
Especially since Rich Froning (Winner of 2012 CrossFit Games) does around 31.....really 61?
A lot of these high scores are likely people that don't know how to do proper reps. Anything over 20 I consider pretty damn elite.
Why is there no adjudication system for this website? There are top results in most WOD's that are beyond the realms of physical possibility and it continues to throw out averages for the good majority of people who are honest or who know how to edit a workout if they make a typo
That 61 has to be a typo. His Fran is @ 7:02 so there is no way he is doing everything in 20 sec. must be 16
I agree with you Steve. I have a serious doubts about 61 rounds...
Ok... so gave it all. 33 rounds(PR). Pretty happy. I think I could push it to 1 or 2 more rounds, but I think that it is getting closed to the max that time allowed. 61 rounds ? Is this physically possible? 60 rounds would be one round every 20 sec.
61 rds...? So at 30 reps per round that's 1830 reps in 20 mins or 91.5 reps per min...hmmm... That's 690 reps better than Speal... I want to see the video.
It looks like you have not yet taken this workout.