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Barbara Benchmark

This workout was the Main Site WOD 13 times on 10/04/2008 , 12/27/2007 , 03/25/2008 , 01/25/2009 , 03/03/2009 ... Show All

Five rounds, each of:

  • 20 Pull-ups
  • 30 Push-ups
  • 40 Sit-ups
  • 50 Squats
  • Rest precisely three minutes between each round.


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    Result Type: Time |  Average: 29 mins 29 secs |  Record: 10 secs held by <a href="/profiles/6665">Matthew Barth</a>
    Taken 559 times by:
    RankName ResultDate Taken
    1Matthew BarthModified 10 secs06/10/2011
    2Ben KillenModified 20 secs05/25/2013
    3Patrick TabariesRXed 33 secs10/20/2013
    4Travis CragheadRXed 42 secs04/29/2012
    5Jonathon SuttonModified 50 secs09/08/2013
    6Francois EtienneRXed 2 mins 12 secs08/01/2012
    7Brad ParsonsModified 8 mins 36 secs03/05/2011
    8Michal MalickiModified 9 mins 46 secs06/27/2012
    9Dwayne ZimmermanRXed 10 mins 37 secs03/04/2011
    10Ryan SiacciRXed 11 mins 2 secs03/04/2011

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    Just started Crossfit, did this workout today! My time was 47:23 ! Pretty happy :) i'm not in good shape so that was really tough for me!
    For those who are new to Crossfit - the standard for Barbara is to record TOTAL TIME (including your rest time) ex: 3min rest x 5 = 15 minutes + TOTAL WORKOUT TIME Nothing hard about that.... so those of you who have recorded total times of 20 minutes ( i think you should question the validity of your score) Cheers.
    come on guys, people can enter however they want. calling bs on top scores is a waste of time. yes some of the scores are ridiculous and maybe untrue. but who cares?! this is a website, not a sanctioned competition where cheating really does matter.
    I agree with Ryan Reid, it was also my understanding that it was a running clock which included the "precise 3 min rest" after each round
    from what I understand it is TOTAL time includiung rest that is why rest time is precise.
    Hoping there is a big mixture of times with and without the rest time...I got whipped lol
    12 minutes? Seriously? 150 reps per round. Let's say you're flying and doing a rep/sec w/no time between exercises. That's 2:30/round. 5 rounds=12:30. Hard to believe all reps are FULL ROM.
    According to the main page, your logged time should reflect the entire workout from start to finish with rest included.
    I added total time for all rounds combined, did not count the rest breaks. Also did it today without the rest breaks (so I guess it's modified to a degree).
    I just entered my total time including rest periods also? not sure how else you were supposed to do it..
    I just posted my times individualy per round. Also did you guys go in order and finish every exercise, or mix and match to get to the total of each?
    I just entered my total time, including rest periods
    I just averaged my times and I have absolutely no idea how it could take someone 43 whole minutes!
    I just put in my times for each of the rounds, seems a little strange though.
    Hey, is anyone else confused how to enter their results for this workout? I can't seem to do it right.
    It looks like you have not yet taken this workout.