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Annie Benchmark

This workout was the Main Site WOD 10 times on 12/10/2008 , 07/03/2007 , 02/17/2008 , 09/14/2009 , 10/29/2009 ... Show All


  • Double-Unders
  • Abmat Sit-ups


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    Result Type: Time |  Average: 9 mins 39 secs |  Record: 5 secs held by <a href="/profiles/28446">Cameron Mullally</a>
    Taken 791 times by:
    RankName ResultDate Taken
    1Cameron MullallyRXed 5 secs02/13/2013
    2J LModified 10 secs02/18/2011
    3Luis BoströmModified 3 mins 42 secs12/16/2011
    4Tommy HRXed 3 mins 52 secs12/28/2010
    5Peter KoltRXed 4 mins 11 secs10/10/2010
    6Mike BjerregaardRXed 4 mins 12 secs05/24/2012
    7Luis MotaRXed 4 mins 12 secs12/20/2012
    8Ric@Rdo MenesesModified 4 mins 19 secs08/14/2010
    9Maguidnicholas@Gmail.ComRXed 4 mins 20 secs09/15/2009
    10Josh MontagueModified 4 mins 20 secs08/14/2010

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    You can go quick by adjusting the length of the jump rope and optimizing your DUs. I broke 2 sets of abs and one set of DUs and did 7:15. Will try to go sub 7 unbroken next time! Good luck to all.
    I've done Annie in 5:37 and even rested during some of the situps with some broken double unders, so I don't see why sub 5 isn't possible...
    7:53 all unbroken with the exception of 2 mishaps on the first set of double unders. I call bs on these times that are sub 5 min. A lot of their reps must not be legit.
    I did all double unders unbroken, and only rested once on the situps. i would like to see some of the situp techniques for these guys that are sub 7 minutes on this. i was 8:18 and felt like I killed it.
    It looks like you have not yet taken this workout.