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Jeremiah Jones

Been a member for over 2 years and Last seen 3 months ago

Workout History

Date Workout Result Notes Action
02/05/2014 Max Deadlift PRed RXed 505 lbs
02/01/2014 Max Clean PRed RXed 300 lbs Power clean not full
01/10/2014 Max Push Press PRed RXed 265 lbs
05/25/2013 Little Hill RXed 27:30
05/24/2013 5x3 bench pres RXed 00:05
05/13/2013 Strength RXed 00:04
05/08/2013 Strength RXed 00:07
04/21/2013 The Doctor RXed 12 rounds
04/20/2013 Strength RXed 00:04
04/20/2013 Jackie RXed 07:20
04/03/2013 Strength RXed
04/03/2013 Meridoc Brandbuck RXed 6 rounds through 6 clean and jerks, 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 5 squats
04/03/2013 Peregrin Took RXed 2 rounds
04/03/2013 Mithrandir RXed I did deadlift before front squat got all 30 deadlift and 10 front squats.
04/02/2013 Strength RXed 00:02
04/02/2013 Manic Monday RXed 09:30
03/31/2013 V for Vendetta RXed
03/27/2013 Port Aransas RXed 45:00
03/25/2013 100 club RXed
03/25/2013 4 mile Run RXed 31:30
03/24/2013 100 club RXed
03/22/2013 Blade Runner RXed 12:00
03/20/2013 Max Shoulder Press RXed 205 lbs
03/20/2013 Strength RXed 00:03
03/20/2013 Noah's 32nd B-day RXed
03/18/2013 Strength RXed
03/15/2013 Strength RXed
03/15/2013 CrossFit Games Open 13.2 RXed 230 rounds 7 rounds +5 shoulder press, 10 deadlift and 5 box jumps
03/13/2013 Strength RXed 00:05
03/13/2013 Skyfall RXed
03/11/2013 Back Squat/Shoulder press/Deadlift RXed
03/11/2013 Tom Bombadil RXed
03/10/2013 Gandolf RXed
03/08/2013 Navi RXed
03/08/2013 Pandora RXed
03/05/2013 Obi Juan RXed 10:00
03/05/2013 Snow Day RXed 26:00
03/05/2013 Bench press 4x9 RXed
03/03/2013 Hills have eyes 3 RXed
03/02/2013 wesley crusher RXed 5 rounds
03/02/2013 2 Legit to Dip RXed
03/01/2013 easy RXed
02/27/2013 Anung un rama RXed 4 rounds
02/27/2013 5x1 Bench press RXed
02/26/2013 Deanna Troy RXed
02/26/2013 25 handstand pushups RXed I suck at HSPU but getting better from not being able to do any.
02/23/2013 Handstand Push Up, Thruster, Knees To Elbows, Deadlift, Burpee, Pull Up, Kettlebell Swing PRed Mod 27:00 95lbs shld press. 135lbs thruster for 4 rounds
02/22/2013 GA horrah RXed I did some other random stuff like one arm pushups, chest clap pushups etc.
02/20/2013 Jon Snow RXed
02/18/2013 Wrath of Con RXed 11:00
02/18/2013 Johan Krauss RXed 10:00
02/18/2013 5x3 bench pres RXed
02/17/2013 Bran Stark RXed 4 rounds
02/16/2013 Hortman RXed 6 I did bar muscle ups. Had to run down a hallway-100 meter sections-back and forth. Did 400 meters of my 7th round.
02/13/2013 Shatner RXed
02/13/2013 5x5 shoulder press RXed 00:05
02/12/2013 LaForge RXed
02/12/2013 Box Squat 5x5 RXed
02/11/2013 Eddark Stark Mod
02/11/2013 Bench press Mod
02/09/2013 Pagelies RXed
02/09/2013 Picard Mod
02/08/2013 Max Clean RXed 285 lbs
02/08/2013 Warf Mod
02/07/2013 Next Generation Mod
02/06/2013 Captain Kirk Mod 00:04
02/05/2013 Isabel Mod 02:25
02/04/2013 Linda PRed RXed 19:40 I weigh 195lbs, I did 290 deadlift, 195 bench and 155 clean.
01/23/2013 Max Deadlift RXed 485 lbs
01/23/2013 Max Push Jerk PRed RXed 255 lbs
01/23/2013 Max Push Press RXed 225 lbs
12/19/2012 Rankel RXed 5 Did 9 reps of deadlift, forgot to write down reps so I did 9. Also, DB swing since I don't have kettlebells.
12/13/2012 ADAMBROWN Mod 24:10 Did 24 of everything but skipped cleans altogether because I was in a time crunch.
09/21/2012 Handstand Push Up, Thruster, Knees To Elbows, Deadlift, Burpee, Pull Up, Kettlebell Swing Mod 35:00 115lbs shoulder press instead of handstand pushup/135lbs thruster for 5 rounds-95lbs for last 2. everything else prescribed.
06/25/2012 Throw your hands up RXed 7 rounds hit extreme shoulder and tricep fatigue
06/23/2012 Dead thrusters RXed 10:00 timer didn't start not sure the time
06/23/2012 Outdoor butt kick Mod 12:30
06/10/2012 Windy Hills RXed 5 rounds
06/09/2012 3 rounds of doom RXed 6 rounds made 2.5 rounds on the runs, and 150meter on football field
06/09/2012 Nature WOD RXed 0 Just swim and run and do anything we want like carrying rocks or whatever else we think of! the nature WOD!
06/06/2012 Saving Silverman RXed 09:10
06/01/2012 Helen RXed 09:58 Used treadmill at 9.5mph. It takes time for it to get up to speed plus 15sec walk to pullup bar which would cost about 75sec of walking.
05/29/2012 Running sucks RXed 31:00 A lot of wind which made running hard
05/27/2012 Make it Happen RXed 12:40
05/26/2012 Shoeless Jones RXed 18:00 ran barefoot on treadmill
05/25/2012 2012 CrossFit Games Regional: Individual Event 2 RXed 18:00 I did the row/squats and 1 rep at 225. I had 5 minutes left but I was at Anytime fitness and didn't have adequate space to do cleans so I stopped after 1 rep. FAIL
05/24/2012 Perkis Power RXed 9 rounds Hardest 12 minute wod ever!
05/23/2012 TABATA without pullups RXed 0 didn't keep track of reps
05/23/2012 Bench Press, Row RXed 22:30 Had to walk about 50 feet inbetween rower and bench.
05/22/2012 School WOD RXed 10:00 Did a quick WOD at school, didn't time it
05/15/2012 Thor RXed 20:00
05/09/2012 2012 CrossFit Games Regional: Individual Event 4 Mod 28:45 Did goblet squat with 65lbs DB because my hips are too tight and I can't physically do overhead squat.
05/06/2012 10 Mile Run RXed 01:25:30
05/05/2012 The Avengers Mod 30:00 the pushup row burpee thruster was really hard!
05/01/2012 Old McDonald Mod 17:30
04/28/2012 Hot Tabata RXed 22:00
04/28/2012 Loel Mathers RXed 16:00
04/27/2012 Waterhoused RXed 28:00 I pulled a double header today this was the first and I immediately did another
04/27/2012 Sohmed Mod 6 rounds round 2 got difficult after 3 rounds
04/26/2012 Row Allen RXed 300 Fun to row again, they have one at Anytime fitness
04/22/2012 8 Mile RXed 01:25 I felt terrible after the 6th mile. Did 7 sets of pushups
04/20/2012 Fight Gone Bad! Mod 315 Did inverted row because we don't have a rower and 24 inch box jump
04/16/2012 Chupicapra RXed 08:10
04/14/2012 4 corners RXed 6 rounds 30 min AMRAP, MC were the hardest part
04/13/2012 Death becoming RXed 14:07 Really hard! the heavy thruster and db swing was killer
04/10/2012 Holy Crap RXed 16:00
04/09/2012 Pheezy RXed 17:22 Really taxing, I haven't done a workout with this much weight in a while
03/26/2012 Full body blaster RXed 30:00
03/24/2012 Quick fix RXed 20:00 Did a quick run before going to a friends house, found a rock did some jumps, and pushups and lunges in his yard
03/23/2012 The Hills have eyes III RXed 32:30
03/21/2012 1 Dollar RXed 25:00 I did the wall balls and box jump in 7 minutes, the rest seemed to take forever
03/15/2012 Darth Plageuis RXed 0 Tough Mudder WOD: didn't keep track of time.
03/10/2012 The Hills have Eyes II RXed 10 rounds Didn't keep track of time and ran on the very steep hill in Waconia.
03/08/2012 Darth Bane RXed 46:00 7.5 MPH for the first 2 miles and 8.0 mph on the second round.
03/06/2012 Darth Plagueis RXed 45:00 Tough Mudder WOD 2. I didn't keep track of time and we used treadmills.
03/03/2012 Darth Sidious RXed 01:00 first workout to train for the tough mudder
03/02/2012 Mace Windu RXed 15:00 didn't keep track of time, approximately 12-15 minutes
02/29/2012 Darth Maul RXed 0 Caleb just alternated after each round. We weren't going for time. I timed 1 round and it took 35 seconds
02/28/2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.1 PRed RXed 106
02/24/2012 Cody Lambert PRed RXed 15:30
02/24/2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.1 RXed 90 Did right after lunch, not the best idea
02/22/2012 Lynne RXed 133 195lbs bench
02/21/2012 Tabata without pullups RXed 12:00 Didn't keep track of reps
02/17/2012 Upper Body Slam RXed 20:37 I rolled my ankle yesterday, decided to give it a rest and just blast the upper body
02/14/2012 The Dirty 30 RXed 10:10 Caleb's 30th b-day workout
02/13/2012 Donatello RXed 11:54 Did heavy deadlift beforehand which make the 275 feel heavy. 3-3-3-1-fail of 365, 405, 405, 455, 495
02/10/2012 Tabata Something Else RXed 484
02/08/2012 Muscle madness RXed 8 rounds Didn't keep track of time so I just recorded 8 rounds.
02/07/2012 The actually Crossfit wod for today RXed 17:39 Ran 4 laps which ended up being 450 meters and had to go up and down stairs inbetween run and deadlift.
02/06/2012 Butt Force RXed 21:00 still sick hard to breath and fatigue easier
02/05/2012 The Bobcat! RXed 4 rounds
02/01/2012 Stairway to Clean and Jerk RXed 5 rounds
01/31/2012 Chris benoit RXed 29:10 Literally the hardest workout I've done. Several muscle groups were on the verge of cramping.
01/30/2012 Jim Parsons RXed 10:38
01/28/2012 Desforges Mod 28:40 I thought it was Clean not Clean and Jerk so a couple minutes could be added. Terrible on the grip a lot of blisters on the hands now. Did all five rounds at prescribed weight just didn't know it was the Jerk.
01/25/2012 Morrison RXed 17:22
01/25/2012 Morrison PRed RXed 17:22 I fasted today so I was feeling low on energy but kept pushing.
01/24/2012 The real Crossift WOD for Sunday 1-22-12 RXed 07:11 The L pullups sucked, I struggled-my form needs to improve by staying more in an L.
01/23/2012 Dahkle RXed 10:45 could've gone faster but Thylin was in front of me on the clean and jerk for the first couple of rounds.
01/23/2012 Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps RXed 2775 lbs I was just trying to get a PR so my first couple of sets were just warming up, I could've went heavier on the first few.
01/23/2012 Max Deadlift RXed 475 lbs
01/22/2012 Lazy Sunday RXed 28:30
01/21/2012 Murph Tribute RXed 01:06:08 Really tough one! the pushups slowed me down a lot.
01/18/2012 Workout while working RXed 19:32 The first round I did 3 rope climbs and then 1 the rest of the time.
01/17/2012 Jim Johnson RXed 09:45 I didn't go fast on the squats-just took my time and worked on depth and form.
01/17/2012 20 Clean and Jerks RXed 185 lbs The most I did was 7 in a row.
01/16/2012 Hidalgo RXed 44:10
01/15/2012 The Hills have eyes Mod 1 didn't keep track of time
01/13/2012 Arthur Spooner RXed 08:30 Did this before filthy fifty while waiting for a friend to come.
01/13/2012 Filthy Fifty RXed 25:36 I wore a 20lbs vest. The vest made the box jumps extremely slow and the burpees with a vest are the worst ever.
01/12/2012 The Adams Family RXed 20:00 Snatch 185 for 2 on my last round
01/10/2012 Morning delight RXed 07:14 I was getting out of breath more easily than usual. the deadlift to swings was a tough combo
01/10/2012 Lana Lang Mod 5 rounds I wore a 20 lbs weighted vest and didn't keep track of rounds-around 5. I pushed myself harder to beat some football player that was working out with us-he wasn't in vest.
01/09/2012 Kelly RXed 23:00 We ran up a hill.
01/09/2012 Carrie Heffernan RXed I didn't time it. My toes to bar has improved greatly.
01/08/2012 Jump rickles RXed I didn't time it, I went constant the entire time.
01/06/2012 Painstorm XXIV RXed 39:00 Very hard on the legs
01/04/2012 Steve Perry RXed 14:45
01/03/2012 Ivan the terrible without jump rope RXed 13:00
12/30/2011 150 Burpees Mod 13:13 20 lbs weighted vest
12/29/2011 Upper body blast RXed 10 rounds I haven't had a weight room available so doing all home workouts this week. My legs were sore so I did an upper body only. I didn't keep track of rounds
12/27/2011 Kato RXed 12 rounds Did one round every 5 minutes, felt like crap for most of it.
12/27/2011 Buttscratcher! RXed 0
12/26/2011 50 situps, 50 double unders, 50 situps, 50 walking lunges, 50 situps, 50 burpees, 50 situps RXed 13:47 wore 20 lbs weighted vest
12/25/2011 Saint Nick RXed 6 rounds
12/24/2011 4x100 RXed 16:02 wore a 20lbs weighted vest
12/23/2011 The Big Ten RXed 400 rounds Not the best rope for double unders-heavy and twists up after about 20 doubles. Good workout though.
12/21/2011 Turbo Man RXed 28:40 Not as hard as I thought. Ring pushups took the longest.
12/19/2011 Deacon RXed 23:30
12/19/2011 Skippy Longstockings RXed 09:31 Did at school, decent workout and short.
12/18/2011 Home quicky RXed 11:15 I wore a 20 lbs vest
12/16/2011 Pam Beasly RXed 32:00
12/14/2011 Kelso RXed 25:00 Didn't keep track of time, I paced myself due to being in school and not having a change of clothes
12/12/2011 Steve Perry RXed 14:59 I used a 20 lbs weighted vest
12/10/2011 The Reckoning RXed 37:57 ridiculous workout
12/10/2011 Light workout RXed 17:00
12/09/2011 Do you believe in Miracles RXed 26:40
12/09/2011 Max Clean & Jerk PRed RXed 245 lbs
12/09/2011 200 Double Unders RXed 06:45 I don't have the best rope-it twists up.
12/08/2011 Melman RXed 18:52 I was able to fight through pain better today, getting past the mental barrier is key right now...
12/08/2011 Morrison RXed 18:30 This was my second workout in a row.
12/07/2011 Linda RXed 20:33 Didn't feel as bad this time, the clean is the hardest part. I've been feeling winded more easily lately-maybe just a mental barrier...
12/06/2011 George Michael RXed 29:48
12/05/2011 Michael Scott RXed 20:16 the run was a little more than 400 meters, it was 4 laps on the indoor track.
12/04/2011 Taco RXed 11:55 The pushups killed my time, I have no endurance in my chest.
12/02/2011 Trail of Tears RXed 18:45
12/01/2011 Howard Wolowitz RXed 10:05
11/30/2011 Carmen Sandiego RXed 8 rounds
11/29/2011 Nutts Mod 26:00 due to a lot of people in the gym I couldn't go in the correct order. Also I did this workout immediately after DT.
11/29/2011 DT RXed 10:06 harder than I thought, the clean got surprisingly difficult
11/28/2011 Art Vandelay RXed 6 rounds
11/27/2011 100 Burpee pull-ups RXed 11:12 Extremely hard, felt a little like puking at one point....
11/26/2011 The Canadian Crippler RXed 7 rounds We ran on the indoor track. The running was really hard for me.
11/25/2011 Blake Mod 18:40 I did 50 lbs standing dumbell shoulder press instead of handstand pushups.
11/23/2011 Leonard Hofestader RXed 8 rounds
11/23/2011 Max Clean & Jerk RXed 235 lbs Did 185, 205, 225, 235
11/22/2011 Vato RXed 16:30 Still feeling a little fatigued from being sick but it was good to get back into it. I beat everyone else doing this workout today.
11/19/2011 Burt Chance RXed 0
11/18/2011 The trail to Mordor RXed 17:56 Terribly hard,
11/18/2011 Grace RXed 08:50 Did it as a finisher after the worst workout ever-trail to mordor! Me and Caleb alternated 3 reps each until we were done.
11/17/2011 Steve Urkel RXed 15:00 We had 4 guys doing the same workout which caused things to move slower than I wanted.
11/17/2011 Burpee box Jumps RXed 04:30 I beat Caleb for the first time in anything
11/16/2011 Joe Hackett RXed 15:00 I didn't keep track of time just an estimate, don't care either.
11/15/2011 Ron Swanson RXed 17:33 Wasn't able to workout cuz of a meeting so I did this at home after a long day. my first round was over 5 minutes but I was able to speed up after starting.
11/14/2011 Roy RXed 16:48 I almost think I skipped a round but not sure. I was interrupted during to let someone in the weight room and explain the workout so I stopped the clock. I need to try it again to be sure. If I'm about 4 minutes slower I'll know that I skipped a round.
11/14/2011 Max Deadlift RXed 455 lbs I tried it after I did Roy which is 5 rounds of 225 deadlift. I know I could do more fresh.
11/12/2011 Clean and Jerk Cindy RXed 16:31 I played football for 1.5 hours already, I seemed to get winded faster.
11/11/2011 Filthy Fifty PRed RXed 19:38 I can do double unders now and my knees to elbows has improved although my hips cause lack of complete ROM-very close though. almost 3 minutes better
11/10/2011 Max Snatch PRed RXed 185 lbs
11/10/2011 Cody Lambert RXed 16:45
11/09/2011 Max Push Jerk RXed 235 lbs I think I could've done more but we needed to start our workout.
11/09/2011 Eric Foreman RXed 20:00
11/08/2011 Cleveland Brown Mod 12 rounds Brutal! One of the hardest I've done so far....
11/08/2011 Max Clean RXed 275 lbs I started the workout with power cleans, I did 185lbs for 3 reps, 225 lbs for 3, 245lbs for 3, 265lbs for 2 and 275 for 1.
11/07/2011 Waldo Faldo RXed 07:05
11/04/2011 Doug Heffernan RXed 18:30 Running was on treadmill
11/03/2011 Sheldon Cooper RXed 32:00
11/02/2011 Power Clean, Push Up, Squats RXed 31 Tied Caleb for the first time in any workout
11/01/2011 Garage Band RXed 25:03 Did this in Caleb's garage, I don't know the exact distance but we ran to down his street and back, it took me about 1:50 or 2 minutes each time.
10/31/2011 Handstand Push Up, Thruster, Knees To Elbows, Deadlift, Burpee, Pull Up, Kettlebell Swing Mod 31:08 I did inverted pushups since I can't balance upside down yet. 95lbs and 115lbs thruster-hips getting more flexible.
10/31/2011 Max Snatch Mod 175 lbs I haven't tried this lift until last month, my form is terrible, I don't get low at all.
10/28/2011 Fran RXed 06:10 really challenging but short and sweet. My lack of hip flexibility makes the thruster slow since I have to go slower on the way down to get full range of motion without hurting my hips.
10/27/2011 150 Burpees PRed RXed 11:15
10/26/2011 Final Count up RXed 19:32 The toes to bar are still difficult for me due to poor flexibility. the floor wipers were next in difficulty.
10/25/2011 Senior Squats RXed 20:00 My conditioning is improving, pullups were easy, the squats were fairly difficult.
10/22/2011 Hamm Brothers RXed 5 rounds I did my first muscle up today, the rings are low i have to start on my knees but I was able to do some now. I already played flag football for an hour and a half so legs were toast.
10/20/2011 Roy Biggins RXed 11:15 The push jerk was not part of the timed workout.
10/20/2011 Max Push Jerk RXed 225 lbs My first time ever doing this exercise rd1: 155, rd2: 175, rd3: 195, rd4: 205, rd 5: 225, rd 6: 250-fail
10/20/2011 Ken Climo par 9 RXed 32:00 I only did 8, Caleb did 9 and Thylin and Wiggins did 6 so I just stopped at 8 since everyone else was done. Tough workout with the steep hills.
10/19/2011 Burt Reynolds RXed 28:00 Didn't go full speed, just a workout to loosen up after Linda yesterday. Treadmill speed: rd1: 8mph, rd2: 8.5mph, rd 3: 9mph, rd 4: 10mph.
10/18/2011 Linda RXed 21:03 The deadlifts got extremely difficult. One of the hardest workouts I've done so far.
10/16/2011 Run, Pull Up, Push Up, Sit Up, Squats Mod 31:45 Due to equipment available I had to save all 100 pullups til the end. I think it made it harder. Did everything else but didn't have a pullup bar nearby.
10/16/2011 Skill RXed 11:10 tough workout, second of the day
10/14/2011 100 sit ups for time RXed 02:00 The first 50 I did in 45 seconds the next 50 were really hard.
10/12/2011 Cindy RXed 24 rounds Felt like I was going non stop, the pushups got difficult towards the end.
09/17/2011 Filthy Fifty Mod 22:30 Modified: 100 skips


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100 sit ups for time
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300 lbs
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245 lbs
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505 lbs
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255 lbs
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265 lbs
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205 lbs
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185 lbs
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