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Donald Gillilan

Been a member for about 2 years and Last seen about 1 hour ago

Workout History

Date Workout Result Notes Action
04/20/2014 Master Qualifier Event 4 RXed 21:05 Pull ups...I did 100 pull ups took me awhile but I did it
04/20/2014 Morning Run RXed 20:00 Need to run more, hills are killing me here.
04/18/2014 Jesus WOD RXed 11 rounds Finished 11 rounds before the time limit...this WOD was rough!
04/18/2014 CrossFit Endurance Short Interval RXed Each 100 meter run averaged around 27 seconds
04/17/2014 Ouch! RXed 11:30 Double unders suck!!!
04/16/2014 EMOM OHS/MAX Pull Ups RXed 52 rounds Really feel good getting back into the gym...Squat Cleaned 225.
04/15/2014 Endurance Practice RXed Trying to improve my running, starting off slow. Will attempt to follow the endurance website, but scaling it since I am not an endurance athlete.
04/13/2014 Crossfit Endurance Seminar Day2 RXed Finished it out...actually looked better on video.
04/12/2014 Crossfit Endurance Seminar RXed Teamed up with Greta and Patty...we were the slowest team, but focused more on technique rather than speed.
04/11/2014 Morning PT RXed always love doing these types of sprints.
04/10/2014 Mini-Chipper RXed 08:30 Thought my lower back was going to split
04/09/2014 HSPU/Thurster EMOM RXed
04/08/2014 15:00 AMRAP RXed 457 rounds Felt good...just kept on going total of 10 rds and 7 deadlifts.
04/08/2014 Strength Squats RXed Completed
04/07/2014 Heavy KBS RXed 04:57 Heavy...I thought my arms were going to fall off.
04/06/2014 Firebreather WOD Mod 13:30 Had to stop doing rope climbs, my shins were getting ripped...ended on the third round.
04/04/2014 Morning PT RXed 01:00:00 Good time with the cadets
04/04/2014 Karen PRed RXed 08:37 PR'd this by two minutes.
04/02/2014 Festivus WOD 3 RXed 140 rounds Completed 45 wall balls; 60 double unders; 25 burpees...did it with elevation mask
04/01/2014 Festivus WOD 2 RXed 185 rounds Completed three full rounds plus 5 KBS
03/31/2014 Workout 14.5 RXed 25:52 This was a smoker, and it sucked doing it alone. However, I got my time and I finished the open.
03/27/2014 Curtis Ps RXed 10:21
03/26/2014 Thruster/Burpee Ladder RXed 10:05
03/25/2014 Duel Couplet RXed 330 rounds
03/24/2014 Wallballs/Push Press Couplet RXed 07:00
03/22/2014 Rowing RXed 5019 Rowed 5019 m and 282 cals
03/21/2014 Workout 14.4 RXed 168 Toes to bars are a goat...brutal!
03/19/2014 Morning PT PRed RXed 20:00 Ran to the VFW, about two miles
03/19/2014 T2B/Stick Jumps/Squats RXed 13:51 Sucked...kind of worn out today....squats were heavy
03/18/2014 10/Push Press/OHS/KB Snatch RXed 200 rounds Brutal on the overhead squats
03/18/2014 Rowing 18MAR RXed 5005 5005 meters 278 calories
03/17/2014 Morning PT RXed Cold
03/17/2014 St. Patrick's Day Special RXed 10:55 Did HSPU
03/17/2014 Rowing 17 Mar RXed 4561 lbs Rowed a total of 4561 meters with total calories of 257
03/15/2014 Terry E Foster Hero WOD RXed 06:36 Did this instead of the actual WOD...plan on doing 14.3 tomorrow!!
03/14/2014 Rowing RXed 3318 Rowed 3318 meters and burned 189 calories
03/14/2014 Workout 14.3 RXed 108 rounds Damn those 275 were hard!!!
03/13/2014 500mtr Row PRed RXed 01:38
03/13/2014 5 minute Sprint RXed 4 rounds Got 4 rds plus 5 wall balls
03/13/2014 Morning run RXed 11:00 Just wanted to get the body moving while it's warm outside
03/12/2014 CFE Mid Week Rowing RXed 1959 Rowed 15 intervals total of 1959 meters average split was 1:56...going to use 15 intervals as a foundation until I get better at this.
03/12/2014 Barbell Complex/deadlifts/hang squat cleans/jerk RXed Used 135...did not do pull ups...my hands are like hamburgers now!
03/12/2014 816 Strength WOD RXed 75 rounds Did 23 reps of push press and rowed total of 52 calories.
03/11/2014 50 Chipper RXed 10:51 Pull ups, my hands have barley recovered from 14.2:(
03/09/2014 Workout 14.2 RXed 01:04 Increased 26 reps from Friday...need to lose weight!!!
03/07/2014 Workout 14.2 PRed RXed 00:38 C2B sucked could not get out of first round!!
03/06/2014 Pre-14.2 WOD RXed 15:50
03/05/2014 Speedy Gonzales RXed 02:02 Fast WOD...no wonder we focused a lot on our goats
03/04/2014 Tuesday Chipper RXed 530 rounds There was a 25 min time cap. I did not finish...completed 10 thrusters...recorded this as many reps I completed. Had 10 thrusters and 10 burpees left.
03/03/2014 816 WOD RXed 10:55
03/03/2014 Afternoon PT RXed 06:00 Wanted to do this AMRAP, but nature calls. Need to work on endurance.
03/03/2014 Morning PT RXed 25:00 Did not keep time, but got a sweat on.
03/02/2014 Workout 14.1 RXed 179 Had problems with double unders again
03/01/2014 Partnered WOD RXed 18:27 Did this with Jeff and Josh...smoked it did 40 reps each...good partner WOD
02/28/2014 Workout 14.1 PRed RXed 180 I suck at double unders, and add those snatches...brutal
02/27/2014 Pre/Open WOD RXed 140 rounds
02/26/2014 Burpees/Snatches RXed 90 rounds Did not finish in the time limit.
02/26/2014 Max Deadlift PRed RXed 425 lbs Could have probably done more, but I will take it!
02/25/2014 Rowing WOD RXed 3555 Been a long time, but did not use elevation masks...still pretty good.
02/25/2014 CrossFit 816 (10s/50) RXed 13:03 A lot of issues with double unders
02/24/2014 Morning PT (School Run) RXed did not keep track of time, will do that another time...good run, nice and cold out. Was getting worried about Coyotes in some spots. I believe it is about 3 miles long.
02/22/2014 5 K Run RXed 31:06 Route is really hilly...not really running for time, but I'm going to mark this.
02/22/2014 Row (long interval) RXed 07:02 Rowed total of 4831 meters 1-7:06 2-7:02.9 3-7:25.8 Slacked on last interval
02/21/2014 Diane PRed RXed 06:09 PR...Boom!
02/20/2014 WOD Marathon RXed 210 rounds Need to work on endurance...shit is killing me!
02/19/2014 T2B Complex RXed 53 rounds
02/18/2014 CrossfitE WOD 90 on 60 off RXed 2069 lbs Rowed 6 intervals total on 2069...form felt good.
02/18/2014 Push ups and KBS RXed 05:40
02/17/2014 21-15-9 + Wallballs RXed 07:40 Actually did this RX+ using 53lbs kettle bell and a 10lbs weight during hallow rocks.
02/17/2014 5K Hill Run RXed 35:00 This was crap, first there was a lot of ice still on the ground, second that hill is crazy steep (had to walk most of it), and last...I'm out of shape!!!
02/16/2014 Lower back Thrasher Chipper RXed 20:50 Double unders are getting better, but this crap killed my lower back!!!
02/15/2014 Rowing WOD RXed 3182 lbs Rowed total of 3200 meters averaged 16 cal for each interval.
02/14/2014 Valentine Day Sucks RXed 12:06
02/13/2014 Lunges/sit ups/dips RXed 09:57 Ring dips...punishing
02/12/2014 300 RXed 20:16 Damn...pull ups killed me
02/11/2014 Power cleans and burpees RXed 11:25 Harder than I thought
02/10/2014 Jumping Squats my Ass RXed 903 rounds
01/31/2014 Max Back Squat PRed RXed 345 lbs PR
01/31/2014 Max Shoulder Press PRed RXed 215 lbs PR...beat Craig Hontz
01/31/2014 KBS snatch/T2B RXed 09:01 Felt good today!!!
01/29/2014 A lot of ring dips RXed 09:44 My chest hurts
01/29/2014 Interval Rope Jumping RXed 9 rounds
01/28/2014 Horrible Hundreds (partnered) RXed 14:07 Did this with Scott...we kicked ass
01/27/2014 Sudo Fight gone bad RXed 199 rounds
01/26/2014 Groundhog 5k RXed 30:00 This was a fun run with the family
01/26/2014 Pyramid SDLHP RXed 12:28 Hit that 15 and I was smoked
01/25/2014 Partner WOD RXed 2 rounds Odd numbers, so I did it on my own...did it prescribed
01/24/2014 Bear Complex RXed 12:28 This sucked...probably should have gone lighter
01/23/2014 Cindy RXed 15 rounds Did 15 plus 1 pull up
01/21/2014 Split Jerk w/DB Hang Squat Cleans RXed 14:36 Used 40lbs DBs
01/20/2014 Founder RXed 187 rounds Went light on back squats
01/19/2014 Tim's Craziness RXed 28:17
01/17/2014 KBS Complex RXed 04:57 Push Press was at 145 Did back squats but did not finish...heavy!!! 275
01/16/2014 Holland's Birthday RXed 12:01 Burpees killed me
01/15/2014 Deadlifts/HSPU/Medball Cleans RXed 10:33 Lower back smoked actually did this RX +....back squats did 270 5x5
01/14/2014 Jackie PRed RXed 10:30 I really like this wod
01/14/2014 Sumo Deadlifts RXed 275 lbs Did 275lbs...kill strength wod
01/13/2014 Morning PT RXed 1800 Ran with cadets...ran in slowest group to help them work on technique.
01/13/2014 Burpees/T2B/KBS RXed 11:30 T2Bs still a very strong goat for me.
01/11/2014 Partner WOD RXed 320 rounds Teamed up with Josh...this was a smoker
01/10/2014 Snatch/Burpee RXed 05:14 Brutal...did the 95 weight....burpees were killers
01/10/2014 Around the Track RXed 14:55
01/09/2014 Med balls and a Rope RXed 276 rounds Two rope climbs
01/08/2014 Couplet on top of a Couplet RXed 10:30
01/07/2014 7AMRAP w/ Thrusters RXed 77 rounds
01/06/2014 CrossFit 816 WOD RXed 11:38 Recovering from being sick, but this kicked the crap out of me
01/02/2014 Fran RXed 08:55 My back was killing me, did this at about 70 percent...really could have PR'd this...
12/30/2013 Fight Gone Bad! RXed 240 First round I was hot...struggled on second and third...need to continue developing my endurance.
12/29/2013 Row Intervals (Pyramid) RXed 3970 Just got back from three day hunting trip
12/25/2013 Rowing 20sec Intervals RXed 1887 rounds Rowed total of 1887 meters
12/25/2013 Tabata Big Three PRed RXed 310 rounds Woot....PR baby 310 beat my best by 10
12/24/2013 Row Intervals (Pyramid) RXed 3887 Getting back into rowing with the wife...need to improve my endurance. Felt good just need to get things going again.
12/23/2013 Shoulder Killer RXed 130 rounds Technique: worked on muscle ups.
12/21/2013 Jingle Mingle RXed 8 My team finished 8 out of 16 teams...we did pretty good, all WODs were completed as prescribed.
12/19/2013 Rudolph RXed 74 rounds Probably would have gotten more, but I began with step ups instead if box jumping
12/19/2013 Santa RXed 05:13 This smoked the crap out of me
12/18/2013 Donner RXed 11:46 Kicked ass on first round of double unders...then fatigue kicked in.
12/18/2013 Blitzen RXed 181 Completed 181 meters...my body is dead
12/17/2013 Comet RXed 08:57 This is killing me
12/17/2013 Cupid RXed 5 rounds Was able to get 5 rounds and 3 SDLHP
12/16/2013 Prancer RXed 93 rounds Should have went harder!! Burpees suck
12/16/2013 Vixen RXed 05:16 Smoked this...quads were on fire
12/15/2013 Dasher RXed 14:40 Not surprised, but I finished dead last... My grip is weak...could not feel my fore arms.
12/15/2013 Dancer RXed 17:30 I suck at double unders!! Again dead last
12/12/2013 OMG II 816 RXed 18:35 First round was 8:10 second 8:25...this was brutal
12/11/2013 OMG 816 RXed 15:50 This was brutal....overhead squats did 95
12/10/2013 816 Chipper RXed 12:28 Power cleans topped off at 195...double unders and knees to elbows killer
12/09/2013 Rope, Bar and Rope RXed 20:15 Double unders continue to suck, pull ups are moving along...rope climbing Nuff said
12/08/2013 Sunday WOD RXed 07:33 Double unders are killing me
12/07/2013 Partnered WOD RXed 630 rounds Partnered up with Tim...
12/05/2013 Row, WB and KBS RXed 161 rounds Began subbing row with SDLHP, smoked my shoulders...ended up just waiting for some one to finish
12/03/2013 Burpees, DU, Pull Up, HSPU and Run RXed 4 rounds Need to run faster
12/02/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 4 rounds Damn this smoked me...the overhead lunges sucked.... For front squats weight was 205.
12/02/2013 Morning run RXed 32:00 The run is not really for time, just wanted to get out and move. However, did notice a slight decrease in jog time. Usually hit 1.5 miles at 15:00 mark, this time I hit 1.4 miles. This will give me something to work on
11/29/2013 CrossFit Total RXed 925 lbs This is my new base line. Total 925
11/29/2013 Max Back Squat RXed 325 lbs 325 PR
11/29/2013 Max Shoulder Press RXed 195 lbs Another PR at 195
11/29/2013 Max Deadlift RXed 405 lbs No PR at 405
11/28/2013 5K Fight Gone Bad RXed 37:34 Awesome Thanksgiving WOD loving my Crossfit 816 Family
11/27/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD Mod 05:42 First WOD was done in 5:42...second could not finish got a total of 98 reps...push press was 145 lbs. also did pull ups and push ups need to start getting the muscle up going
11/26/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 17:24 Push press did 3 x 5 at 70%
11/25/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 05:02 Only did #65 on OHS...weak...did first 10 minutes WOD in 5:02....run...185 on the c&j did a total of 5 rds
11/23/2013 Crossfit 816 Partner WOD RXed 18:59 Partnered up with Derek...did pretty well
11/23/2013 Crossfit 816 Death by Push Press RXed 12:00 There was another class, so had to stop, did not want to be interrupted.
11/22/2013 Morning PT RXed 27:00 believed we ran at a 9 minute pace...it did feel a little quicker...so good job cadets
11/21/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 81 rounds Deadlifts in the second round smoked me on wall balls, at round 5 was doing single lift deadlifts. great wod
11/21/2013 Max Front Squat RXed 245 lbs
11/20/2013 Max Push Press RXed 205 lbs
11/20/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 226 rounds Push pressed 205...used a 55lb kettle bell for the WOD . Ate at Five Guys afterwards because wifey and daughter are pissing me off.
11/20/2013 Morning PT RXed 4 rounds Did a total of 4 intervals of hill repeats...total distance was probably 1 mile
11/18/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 04:42 Good WOD...got 205lbs up at the end
11/16/2013 FTX Day 2 RXed OK this really sucked...did around 10 miles of hiking...and the terrain was not fun.
11/15/2013 FTX Day 1 RXed This really was nice, just to hike around Knob Knoster. did a total of about 5 miles.
11/14/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 03:33 Smoked it, used 40lbs DB for manmakers...kill
11/13/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 09:59 Really tough sprint WOD...still working on those toes to bar
11/12/2013 Randy PRed RXed 06:08 Deadlift Getting ready for CrossFit TOTAL!! A. "Randy" 75 Power Snatch for time rx = 75/55 scaled 55/35 B. For time: 100 total reps scaled 70 total reps unbroken wall ball / match with burpees **remember to catch the ball on your last rep or 5 extra burpees** ie. 30 unbroken wall ball + 30 burpees = 60 total reps 20 unbroken wall ball + 20 burpees = 40 for a total of 100 reps Total completion time was 20:28
11/11/2013 Max Back Squat RXed 305 lbs
11/11/2013 WOD for Warriors Crossfit 816 RXed 200 rounds First 9 minutes completed exactly 4 rounds Second 9 minutes completed 2 rds + 57 Total 200 reps...tired of box jumps
11/10/2013 Kelly PRed RXed 36:05 Brutal...excited finished this and PRd it!!!!
11/07/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 201 rounds Forearms are burning...did clean and jerk for strength max 235 so I did 3x 165 and 3 x 175
11/06/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 209 rounds Did not finish under time cap...brutal
11/05/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 96 rounds Double unders 17...smoked also went for an unexpected hike down in Knob Knoster
11/04/2013 Crossfit 816 RXed 264 rounds Did a total of 264 reps...squat cleans #155 completed 9
11/03/2013 Crossfit 816 RXed 17:30 Did not Finish...also had to do a burpee penalty for every rep not completed after the 7 min mark...so at 10 min I had to do 28 x burpees before I can run the 600 meters...I threw up
11/02/2013 Crossfit 816 partner WOD RXed 5 rounds Partner was Josh...the burpees are what killed us, so did 5 rounds + 25 sit ups
11/01/2013 Max Deadlift RXed 405 lbs
11/01/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00
10/30/2013 Morning PT RXed 15:00
10/30/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 11:11 Finally beat Victor
10/29/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 11:22
10/28/2013 Morning PT RXed 20:00 Just wanted to get a good sweat going...and enjoy the morning...really not trying to break any records..on the tabata...believe I got a total of 75 push ups and 80 sit ups.
10/28/2013 Stratego RXed 18:26 I screwed this up...did 30 burpee pull up then rowed the entire 1000 meters...then I ran 200 meters and 5 burpee pull ups...did not do well.
10/25/2013 Cadet PT Mod 40:00 Good time doing the shuttle sprints...during circut, cadets added box jumps, stiff leg deadlifts etc....
10/24/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD 10/24/13 RXed 185 rounds
10/23/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD 10/23/13 RXed 07:24 should have went heavier
10/23/2013 Crossfit 816 Open Gym WOD RXed 87 used #115 and lifted it 87 times...this was awesom...did clean and jerk the entire way.
10/22/2013 Crossfit WOD 816 RXed 15:24
10/21/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD RXed 16:58 Smoker....getting better at double unders...back was a little sore, but fought through it
10/21/2013 Cadet PT/Morning PR RXed 30:00 Back is hurting...it was very difficult of me to run this...sucked.
10/18/2013 Cadet/Morning PT RXed 10 rounds did 10 x 30/60 sprint drills...very good for improving APFT run time.
10/17/2013 Helen RXed 13:50 Did this at crossfit 816
10/16/2013 Morning PT RXed 8 rounds Completed 8 x 100 meter sprints
10/16/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD 10/16/2013 RXed 11:51 Barley finished this...probably didn't complete it
10/15/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD 10/15/13 RXed 10:59 Toes to bar killed me... My ass was handed
10/14/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 Ran from Wentworth Military Academy to the WWII Monument...up the stairs...wow! and back. This was a nice and satisfying run...pleanty of hills to get the legs burning.
10/14/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD 10/14/13 Mod 5 rounds Needed to used a rack for pistols... Will continue to work on those
10/11/2013 Cadet PT RXed 40:00 Loosen up the stiff muscles
10/10/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD 10/10/13 RXed 7 rounds Completed 7 rds of Cindy, was able to run the 800 meters under 3:30...did hot yoga with the wife
10/09/2013 Morning PT RXed 45:00 Got a good morning sweat on
10/09/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD 9/10/13 RXed 133 rounds Also did shoulder press
10/08/2013 Crossfit 816 WOD 08/10/13 RXed 12:41 Wow...great WOD
10/07/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 Went running around Lexington, was looking for what the cadets called stairway to heaven, could not find it. total 2.5 miles
10/07/2013 CrossFit 816 07/10/13 RXed 18:23 Damn almost puked on the last round
10/06/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 3702 Elevation mask for first 7 rds
10/03/2013 CrossFit 816 WOD RXed 128 rounds This was tough, also did EMOM for 8 minutes of 3 presses 2 push press 1 push jerk
10/02/2013 Max Shoulder Press RXed 175 lbs
10/02/2013 CrossFit 816 WOD 10/02/2013 Mod 12:53 Pistols were assisted
10/01/2013 CrossFit 816 10/01/13 WOD RXed 14:13 Great WOD!
09/30/2013 Morning PT RXed 23:00 Again the terrain is very hilly. At 15:00 make was at 1.55...need to start doing sprints
09/30/2013 CrossFit 816 WOD RXed 225 rounds Completed 225 reps and snatched 155
09/27/2013 Morning PT RXed 28:13 Time was 28:13, goal was within 30:00 so we exceeded the goal. Still have a lot of work to do, but proud to see that they are improving the running time.
09/25/2013 CrossFit 816 WOD RXed 245 rounds Double unders killed me on this
09/25/2013 Cadet PT RXed This was actually a smoker. Did 15 4 count repititions of Conditioning drill 1 & 2 and then di 5 4 count repititions of conditioning drill 2.
09/25/2013 Morning PT RXed 20:00 Ran to the VFW and back...at 15:00 mark was at 1.60 miles that is an improvement from monday when I was at 1.58...usually run at 15:00 mark is 1.54...improving...the hills are really killing me, but I know if I take APFT I will pass.
09/24/2013 CrossFit 816 WOD RXed 18:02 Time 18:02
09/23/2013 Morning PT RXed 1170 rounds The area is very hilly, but at the 15:00 minute time mark, I surpassed my usually distance by 40 meters...and I was hobbling. So that is a plus!
09/22/2013 CrossFit 816 WOD RXed 16:10 Did with elevation mask...need to focus on strength
09/22/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed 4 Got distracted
09/21/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 3593 Did the first five rds with elevation mask...burned a lot of cals.
09/20/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 3000
09/19/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 5065 lbs Rowed total of 5065 meters....w/ elevation mask
09/16/2013 Morning PT Mod 21:00 ran 2.15 miles
09/16/2013 Tabata Big Three Plus Row RXed 289 rounds Completed this w/ elevation mask
09/14/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed 5 Did this entirely with the elevation mask
09/14/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 04:39 Time only includes wall balls
09/13/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 run 3 miles
09/11/2013 Morning PT PRed RXed 21:00 Really hilly, like the run, need to increase distance and time.
09/10/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed 5 Will begin increasing intervals
09/10/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 4000 Row a total of 4051 meters Shoulder presses w/ 65# Clean 105#
09/09/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 3251 Rowed total of 3251 meters
09/09/2013 Morning PT Mod 22:00 Ran a total of 2.25 miles....this place has a lot of hills...which is cool...really looking to get a good morning run.
09/08/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed 5 Good warm up
09/08/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 4000 Rowed over 4 k. First half of WOD was completed with elevation mask
09/06/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 Ran around the town of Lexington... Really hilly
09/04/2013 Rowing WOD 09/04/13 RXed 8 rounds Smoker!!!!
09/04/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 Ran with the fall outs, however, when completed ran around the track for 800 meters to burn a little more.
09/03/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed 5 Calfs really sore during warm up
09/03/2013 Rowing RXed 08:30 I was smoked today...probably should take a break
09/02/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed 5 Moved down to 30 seconds between intervals. the measurement for this will be rounds completed.
09/02/2013 Box Jump, Deadlift, Row RXed 14:30 205 dead lifts.
09/01/2013 Row, Run, Swim RXed 0
09/01/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed
08/31/2013 Rowing WOD 5K Time Trial RXed 21:40 had a plan, this was my first time doing this, so will continue to work to prepare for the next time trial. 21:40 was my time with an average of 2:10 split
08/30/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed Decreased rest intervals by 15 seconds
08/30/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 08:55 Instead of T2B did V-ups time of 8:55 with an average split time of 1:55
08/29/2013 Annie PRed RXed 11:40 Double unders suck, but I Pr'd this!!!
08/28/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed Feeling good with these, probably going to kick it up 30 seconds...this is turning out to be a good warm up before WOD
08/28/2013 Rowing WOD 8/28/13 RXed 08:31 Used a 35 plate for the swings... HSPU were difficult...I hope because of the row... There was a 12 minute time cap, beat that with a score of 8:31.
08/27/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed warm up to begin the rowing WOD
08/27/2013 Rowing WOD 8/27/13 RXed 3919 Rowed total of 3919 meters average split was 2:05...almost puked at the end of this.
08/26/2013 Back Extension, Ghd Sit Ups, Overhead Squat Mod 6 Did this in the garage with abmat and 65lbs
08/26/2013 Rowing WOD 08/26/13 RXed 5561 Rowed total of 5561 meters rd 1 - 2824 meters; 2:07 split at 26s/m rd 2 - 2737 meters; 2:11 split at 27s/m
08/25/2013 Rowing WOD PRed RXed 3793 Pr'd this with no problem...been consistently following the Renegade Rowing blog...loving it, and adding Crossfit Main Site also....feeling good...do not have the facilities to improve on technique on goat movements such as pull ups and MUs will get there...again rowed a total of 3793 meters.
08/24/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 17:43 RD1: 17:43; splits of 2:13 RD2: 18:18; splits of 2:17 Rowed a total of 8043 meters.
08/23/2013 Rowing WOD (Annie w/ Push Ups RXed 17:40 Went unbroken with the push ups....double unders are my goat
08/21/2013 Donny RXed 22:57 It been a long time since dead lifting that much weight for that many reps...surprised I finished
08/21/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 24:22 First 2K had a split time of 2:08 Second 2K had a split time of 2:16 for sit ups, used the abmat feet not anchored.
08/20/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 7531 Rowed a total of 7531 meters RD1 - 12:42 RD2 - 10:43 RD3 - 09:09
08/19/2013 Rowing WOD "Hills" RXed 6604 Smoked...1 - 2266; 2 - 2204; 3 - 2134
08/19/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 ran a total of 3.1 miles...I know I need to either increase distance or decrease the time it take for me to run this...but if given a level track, still on target with PT run...that is the ultimate goal.
08/17/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed Working on endurance
08/17/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 4033 Rowed total 4033 meters 1 interval - 8:43 2 interval - 8:39
08/16/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 4 rounds 4 rounds plus an extra 200 meters on round 5. Total of 1700 meters of rowing and 15 HSPU
08/16/2013 Jump Rope Intervals RXed Going to begin doing this daily to build endurance
08/15/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 18:43 Hands are worn
08/14/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 13:30 each 3K... Good sweat
08/13/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 Made it 1.54 miles before turning back around...ran a total of 3.08 miles...kill
08/12/2013 Snow Drift PRed RXed 7228 lbs 7228 meters...yes, guess I'm in better shape than I thought
08/11/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 Wanted to do a nice slow run 15:00 minutes out and 15:00 minutes back...nice and cool this morning.
08/10/2013 Morning PT RXed 25:00 Did two rowing WODs the day before, woke up late, dude I was beat...got out and ran. The area is really hilly so running 2.5 mile mainly at a 10:00 pace is not bad for me...once I get my routine down, should be ok.
08/10/2013 Tabata Big Three RXed 288 rounds Not bad for not doing this for awhile
08/09/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 3764 very surprised
08/09/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 17:33
08/05/2013 Morning PT RXed 50:00 Really hilly almost made it to the LDS Temple. Just had to cross I-435, but got a little nervous.
08/05/2013 Deadlift 7-7-7-7-7-7-7 reps RXed 1335 lbs Got to get back to where I was
08/03/2013 Morning PT RXed 26:00 I just ran around the area...trying to familiarize myself...ended up running 2.6 miles. Will continue to do this every morning before I report.
08/02/2013 ROWING WOD RXed
08/02/2013 Rowing Wod RXed 10:07
07/30/2013 Morning PT RXed 16:00 Only ran 1.6 miles
07/29/2013 Sprints RXed
07/25/2013 morning PT RXed
07/23/2013 Morning PT RXed 50:00 That was a lot of burpees
07/23/2013 Rowing WOD Mod 725 725 meter row
07/22/2013 Morning PT RXed 43:00 Ran around 4.5 miles...could have ran this faster, but I was working with a battle buddy to get his running better...need to focus on me.
07/21/2013 Tabata This! PRed Mod 330 rounds Did total reps. Believe this is the best way to score tabata. 34 cals 117 squats 30 pull ups 75 push ups 74 sit ups
07/21/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 2175 lbs rowed 2175 meters
07/19/2013 Morning PT RXed 41:00 Ended up running 4.22 miles in 41:00 Minutes...tough run a lot of hills and running in formation sucks...not very motivating to say the least.
07/18/2013 NORCAL Crossfit WOD RXed 6 rounds The 185 cleans were a lot heavier than I thought they would be....was struggling on the HSPU...need to keep working.
07/18/2013 Morning PT RXed 01:00:00 This was a good gauge on how well Army PT and Crossfit can work together. Everyone recieved a good workout.
07/17/2013 Morning PT RXed 5 rounds Hot and Humid...but I was able to get 5 rounds in. Was smoked. Ran a total of 2.67 miles. Good work out
07/16/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 Did 30 minutes on the eliptical machine...I know, but I need this low impact because I have been injury prone lately...AGE
07/16/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 3650
07/16/2013 Nancy Mod 19:45 Forgot I had to go 5 rounds....only did 4 rounds...one day I will complete this RX'd, however did do OHS at 95lbs
07/15/2013 Morning PT RXed 01:00:00 Ran a total of 4.3 miles...I believe average pace was at a 9:30 minute mile. Sucked!!!
07/15/2013 Burpee, Hang Power Clean RXed 10:05
07/13/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 2107 lbs burned around 120 calories....went for a little run before...need to get back in shape. Rowed total of 2107 meters
07/12/2013 155 pound Squat Clean and Jerk, 30 reps RXed 19:02 Focused on technique...
07/10/2013 NORCAL WOD RXed 90 rounds
07/09/2013 Diane RXed 10:44 Difficult time, but got a good work out
07/08/2013 Elizabeth RXed 09:02 was sick all weekend...still a little under the weather.
07/03/2013 Fran PRed RXed 08:42 This is a PR for me...usually when I do Fran I average around 9:30-10:00.
07/03/2013 Morning PT RXed legs were sore after doing Karen just the other day.
07/02/2013 Morning PT RXed 200 burned 200 cals...I hate gym day because I never know what to do...to busy to do really much of anything....will take on Karen this afternoon.
07/02/2013 Karen RXed 10:48 I counted at least 10 no reps...but we will worry about that during competition time.
07/01/2013 Grace RXed 06:35 Shitty....did not start off right...will perform better
07/01/2013 Morning PT RXed 40:00 Just back from, was running good, but I did fall out from the pack
06/30/2013 1000M Row RXed 04:05 No PR, but felt good
06/30/2013 NorCal Crossfit WOD RXed 14:51 This smoked me...believe I am doing better on pull ups, need to max out my pull ups
06/29/2013 Morning PT RXed need to get back to running...sick and tired posting need to...just do it.
06/29/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 07:34
06/27/2013 Randy RXed 07:05 Boom
06/26/2013 Rowing Renegade WOD RXed 6 rounds Was only able to get to round of 6 = 12 cal row and 12 pushups
06/25/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 01:58 1:58 Ave 500 meter split time. Rowed a total of 1470 meters
06/25/2013 Crossfit WOD RXed 06:02
06/24/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 5179 lbs Rowed a total of 5179 meters...need to really begin taking this crap serious.
06/22/2013 Morning PT RXed 19:21 Ran a track around where I live... Steep hills
06/21/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 19:40 Have to get this back together
06/20/2013 Morning PT RXed Ran half the hill...blistering speed...Soldier fell out, stop to help Soldier
06/19/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 1400 lbs Rowed total of 1400 meters
06/18/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 Ran the Custer Hill Golf Course....Slowly...spent the weekend at Vegas...Hurting.
06/12/2013 Morning PT RXed Needed to work out the sorness from yesterday's competition. Sucked ran 2 miles at around 10 minute pace.
06/12/2013 NORCAL WOD (Squat Cleans & Pull Ups RXed 14:28 Was stuggling, really sore..hope this wears off soon.
06/11/2013 Max Clean & Jerk PRed RXed 225 lbs Did this during the Victory Week Crossfit Competition
06/11/2013 Victory Week CF Competition (WOD 3) RXed 25:50
06/10/2013 Morning PT (Division Run) Mod 40:00 This was actually a pretty challenging Division run. To start it was slow, but once we hit the straight away...it was all up hill and fast for a division run.
06/08/2013 Gladiator Dash RXed Tons of fun, but smoked
06/07/2013 Morning PT RXed 17:23 There a lot of hills, I think 17:23 is actually a pretty good time...hopefully I am back to my 15:00 minute 2mile AFPT shape.
06/07/2013 Tabata (NORCAL) RXed 294 rounds first time doing this...awesome wanted the 300, but there is always next time. Break down: Squats - 120 Deadlifts - 56 Push ups - 75 Row - 43 calories
06/06/2013 Annie RXed 12:28 Double unders suck
06/06/2013 Morning PT RXed 40:53 Ran with fellow LT...he had to slow down, so that took about 2 minutes off my time...really just wanted to run. Ran the Golf Course.
06/05/2013 Morning PT RXed Really wanted to run to the gym and do a quick workout, but too crowded. Just continued to run back to Bn...around 2 miles
06/05/2013 NORCAL Crossfit WOD RXed 135 lbs Front Squat worked up from 135 to 185
06/04/2013 Morning PT RXed Ran half of the hill around 2 miles...did not do it for time.
06/04/2013 Randy RXed 07:46 Arms began to get tired after 30...need to work up that muscular endurance.
06/03/2013 Morning PT (Drown Proofing) RXed One hout of swiming...smoked need to swim more.
06/01/2013 Rowing WOD (sit ups, box jumps) RXed 16:36
06/01/2013 Morning Run RXed 30:00 Just to wake up
05/31/2013 Morning PT (4Corners) RXed 55:08 9:21 minutes per miles...just finishing was an accomplishment for me.
05/29/2013 Morning PT (Slacker) RXed 20:00 Elliptical
05/29/2013 NORCAL MOD (Row and Cleans RXed 63 rounds was able to complete 63 reps...this was a modification of the NorCal Crossfit WOD
05/28/2013 Morning PT 4 mile run RXed 40:00 was struggling
05/27/2013 Rowing WOD (Marathon Prep 10K) RXed 59:26 Was trying to row marathon, but realized that I was very unprepared...so switched to a marathon prep, 10K on the rower.
05/26/2013 2013 CrossFit Games Regional Event 5 RXed 16:17 This sucked...very heavy!!! 16:17
05/25/2013 1000M Row PRed RXed 03:51
05/24/2013 'Rowing Annie' RXed 19:07 Need to work on those double unders
05/23/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:21 Good run...good distance.
05/23/2013 2013 CrossFit Games Regional Event 2 RXed 115 lbs Suck
05/22/2013 Morning PT (Hills Have Eyes) PRed RXed 7 Ran a total of 3 miles...this is a great workout...run up and down hill route for 20minutes
05/21/2013 Omar RXed 16:40 Damn this was a smoker... Lungs are on fire
05/21/2013 Morning PT RXed 30:00 This was kind of a joke, but I did work up a sweat...little one was sick, so used my luch hour to check up on her. Hit today's WOD tonight
05/20/2013 Helen RXed 14:17 I think in the past have have not does this Rx'd the kettlebells killed me.
05/20/2013 Morning PT PRed RXed 42:43 Good Monday morning run, think I can condition my hill running more...over all ran about 9:20 minute miles...bring that down to 9:00 and I will be alright.
05/19/2013 Row Intervals (Pyramid) PRed RXed 4110 I'm back...time to get the diet going and get back into competition shape.
05/18/2013 Technique RXed 95 lbs Worked on technique of the squat snatch...did try to max just wanted to work on the fundamentals
05/17/2013 Jackie RXed 11:17
05/17/2013 Morning PT RXed 38:00 9:00 minute miles...good run. A lot of people fell out. Not me.
05/17/2013 Max Clean & Jerk RXed 215 lbs Did this during a Crossfit Mainsite WOD
05/16/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 3763 Yes!!! feel myself getting it back...PR'D this
05/16/2013 Morning PT RXed Frustrated that this was so haphazardly done
05/15/2013 Morning PT RXed Ran with Group B for 1 mile, then finished the rest myself. Felt good.
05/14/2013 Kelly RXed 38:56 Sucked
05/14/2013 Morning PT RXed Felt good breaking a sweat
05/13/2013 Morning PT RXed 37:00 Ran to the Vinton School gate and back...total 4 miles... did it in 37:00. that is about a 9:25 minute mile...need to get it below 09:00.
05/13/2013 Rowing WOD RXed Killer
05/12/2013 Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps RXed 1295 lbs 155-165-175-185-195-205-215
05/10/2013 Dumbbells Deadlift, Dumbbells Hang Cleans, Dumbbells Push Presses, Dumbbells Squats RXed 235 lbs Squats were uncomfortable...did this without dropping the dumbbells, saw some people do it differently.
05/09/2013 Michael RXed 28:53 Ran on treadmill...this was a smoker as usual
05/09/2013 Officer PT RXed Played hard...sprinting up and down the field for 1 hr was awesome...a little sore. Played at K-State Memorial Stadium.
05/08/2013 HSPU&Pull Ups RXed 09:14 Getting better with pull ups
05/07/2013 Morning PT RXed 675 lbs Total load 675#
05/06/2013 Morning PT RXed 45:00 Felt good getting back to running for some distance.
05/06/2013 Nancy PRed Mod 19:28 Should was killing me subbed 65# for OHS
05/05/2013 Front Squat 10-10-10-10-10 reps RXed 615 lbs rds 1 95# rds 2 115# rds 3, 4 and 5 135#
05/04/2013 Reggata Gone Mad Mod 16:48 did 1K instead of 2K
05/04/2013 Elizabeth RXed 07:58
05/03/2013 Run, KBS, Row RXed 1700 1700 meters rowed
05/02/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 3652 rowed total of 3652 meters
05/02/2013 Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps RXed 1375 lbs This was all the weight I had...did 30sec on 30 sec off rows to warm up
04/30/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 2924 Rowed total of 2924 meters...
04/30/2013 APFT RXed 250 rounds 58 push up 69 sit up 16:50 2 mile run Very windy
04/29/2013 Morning PT RXed Preparing for APFT
04/28/2013 Push Jerk, Push Press, Shoulder Press PRed RXed 2505 lbs
04/28/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 40 rounds Harder than I thought
04/27/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 01:59 This was harder than I thought. Kicked the resistance up by 1 to 8
04/27/2013 Klepto RXed 31:00 Sucked on box jumps and burpees
04/26/2013 Bde Run RXed did not fall out...9 minute pace, kind of slow, but this was to be a motivational run...felt good
04/25/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 1 rounds 1 round, 750m, and 2 burpees
04/24/2013 Morning PT (Hills Have Eyes) RXed 6 was able to complete 6 intervals in 20minutes
04/24/2013 Tabata...now I am just making things up RXed 237 rounds This is the first time I did this, now I have my own benchmarks
04/23/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 03:02 Best time was 3:02...probably averaged 3:10
04/23/2013 Morning PT RXed 18:00 It was snowing outside...jumped on treadmill ran a couple of miles to really just break a sweat.
04/23/2013 Tabata Big Three RXed 302 rounds Met my goal of scoring over 300...rock on, my legs were cooking
04/22/2013 Morning PT Mod 40:00 First time running this route...really liked it. ran around 10:00 mile
04/20/2013 Jackie RXed 12:27 Pull hurt me...but getting better
04/20/2013 Rowing WOD Mod 1873 1873 total meters used 95 for bear complex
04/19/2013 1SG PT RXed 01:00:00 Smoker...6miles
04/18/2013 Run, Squats RXed 16:00
04/18/2013 Morning PT RXed 45
04/17/2013 Morning PT RXed 40:00 Began to hail had to run for cover...4miles
04/16/2013 Morning PT RXed 2 mile run on treadmill (warm up) Tire flip x 10 50 x 135 back squats
04/16/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 04:03 1 rd 4:08 2 rd 4:10 3 rd 4:03 4 rd 4:03
04/15/2013 Morning PT RXed 39:00 Just kind of did my thing
04/14/2013 Rowing WOD 4/13/13 RXed 02:08 This was a smoker... rowed a total of 6035 meters...average split was 2:08...just glad I finished strong.
04/14/2013 Deadlift, Push Up RXed 17:35
04/13/2013 Renegade Rowing RXed 4 rounds did 4 rds and 2 DL...was able to get that 5th 250m row in.
04/13/2013 Rowing WOD 500M sprints RXed 01:55 tried to keep all my splits below two minutes...second half it did not happen
04/12/2013 Thruster, pull ups Mod 12:36 Subbed #65 for thrusters
04/10/2013 Diane RXed 12:55 Sucked, but I am beat and not used to lifting this much weight yet....used to be able to go unbroken on DLs, I will get back to where I used to be.
04/09/2013 Tabata Big Three RXed 285 rounds Pr'd this, getting back just 15 more reps and I will be at 300 for the big 3
04/09/2013 Renegade Rowing WOD RXed 1 1:39 fastest 500m Split 1:51 slowest 500m Split
04/08/2013 Ten rounds, each of: 100 meter Sprint Rest 90 seconds Mod 0 Subbed 250 meter rows...Average 500m split was 1:45.2
04/08/2013 Morning PT RXed 04:08 trying to get below 4:00
04/07/2013 Morning Run RXed 20:00 Breaking a sweat
04/07/2013 Jorge Mod 11:30 subbed 115# and did sit ups.
04/05/2013 Ghd Sit Ups, Row, Sit Up, Toes To Bar Mod 15:39 Just did sit ups instead of toes to bars....shoulders were not feeling it
04/05/2013 Morning PT (Hills Have Eyes) RXed 5 Great workout for speed training
04/04/2013 Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Push Jerk, Push Press, Shoulder Press Mod 15:10 Used 95#
04/04/2013 Morning PT RXed
04/03/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 3709 lbs 3709 meters total...did not PR this
04/03/2013 Morning PT RXed
04/02/2013 Renegade Rowing WOD RXed 3005 lbs Rowed a total of 3005 meters, on average that's 500 meters every two minutes...not bad
04/01/2013 Tabata Big Three RXed 261 rounds Hell yes!!! Increased my points...I know I can do better...total 261 reps
04/01/2013 Row Intervals (Pyramid) RXed 3635 Getting back into the swing of things...focused on breathing....was able to get a total of 3635 meters
03/31/2013 Burpee Pull Up, Power Clean RXed 22:18 Heavy, just was not feeling the burpee pull ups
03/30/2013 CrossFit Games Open 13.4 RXed 49 rounds Should have done better, getting back into the swing of things... Scored 49
03/29/2013 Morning Run RXed Good Friday Run
03/29/2013 Renegade Rowing WOD RXed 19:18 Great workout!!!
03/28/2013 Morning PT RXed Doing PT with the Soldiers
03/27/2013 Renegade Rowing WOD RXed 00:53 Kept all rounds below 1:00, 0:53 best split
03/27/2013 Morning PT RXed 40 Ability group run C
03/26/2013 Morning PT RXed 20:00 Ran 2 miles, just trying to get back in shape... Then went and flipped tire x10
03/25/2013 Morning PT RXed 20:00 Just wanted to sweat
03/25/2013 Row, deadlift RXed 20:52 Smoked from doing 13.3 yesterday
03/24/2013 CrossFit Games Open 13.3 RXed 114 rounds Sucked, very disappointed
03/21/2013 Front Squat, Shoulder Press, Sumo Deadlift High Pull RXed 5
03/19/2013 Morning PT RXed rounds Did on treadmill foot was hurting
03/18/2013 Tabata Big Three RXed 243 rounds total of 243 reps...need to get to 300
03/17/2013 CrossFit Games Open 13.2 PRed RXed 5 rounds Finished 5 rds and 10 box jumps for a total of 175 reps... That's 40 more reps than doing it on thursday
03/15/2013 Morning PT RXed 4 Ran in formation the entire Custer Hill... Dressed in winter PTs, it was hot... Overheated
03/14/2013 CrossFit Games Open 13.2 RXed 4 rounds Total of 135 reps...will do better on saturday
03/14/2013 Morning PT RXed 40:00 Getting the morning sweat on
03/13/2013 Morning PT RXed 40:00 Working on endurance
03/12/2013 Morning PT RXed 40:00 This was my first time running in a long time...felt good...it was slow, but I made it.
03/11/2013 Morning PT RXed Just wanted to sweat a little... Really sore from yesterday's WODs
03/10/2013 Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: 185 pound Deadlift, 5 reps Sprint 100 yards RXed 14 Good to be back
03/10/2013 Renegade Rowing WOD RXed 09:59 damn arms are smoked
03/09/2013 CrossFit Games Open 13.1 RXed 105 Just got back from month long FTX...did it and beat my goal!!!
02/05/2013 Army PT RXed 2 Ran a couple of miles, just wanted to loosen the legs
02/05/2013 Renegage Rowing WOD RXed 1902 rowed 1902 meters average spilt time was 1:54
02/03/2013 Renegade Rowing WOD RXed 3995 Row total of 3995 meters, split times are as follow: 1:49 1:55 1:57 1:59 2:04 2:03 wanted to keep splits under 2:00, but last two rds I was gassed
02/03/2013 the chief PRed RXed 18 rounds did 135 cleans
02/02/2013 Box Jump, Deadlift, Pull Up Mod 19:56 Did only 10 pull ups per rd...did not want to jack up my hands
02/02/2013 Morning run RXed 2 Ran 2.5 miles... Still icy so time was no matter
02/01/2013 Hello Groundhog RXed 1323 Rowing WOD 2/1/13: “Hello Groundhog” – AMMAP10 w/ 5 LEB EMOM – Post Meters Smoked rowed 1323 meters
01/30/2013 Renegade Rowing WOD RXed 14:30 Great WOD...Everything burning especially the lungs
01/29/2013 Renegade Rowing WOD RXed 4123 Rowing WOD 1/29/13: 8 x 500m w/ 2min Rest split times are as follow: 1:53 1:51 1:55 1:56 1:57 1:52 1:57 1:53 Focused on breathing....loving this crap
01/28/2013 Army PT RXed Was sore...just wanted to get a good sweat on
01/28/2013 Double Pyramids RXed 8362 lbs That was a smoker...tried to keep my ratio low, but was very difficult. rowed a total of 8362 meters
01/27/2013 Row 1:40 on 20sec off RXed 01:03:56 3836 meters did not beat my last score, but missed by 4 meters
01/26/2013 HQ CF WOD RXed 16:30 Great WOD to end the day
01/26/2013 Renegade Rowing WOD RXed 4067 lbs TIme are as follows: 3:08 3:18 3:11 3:26 3:27 total of 4067 meters rowed.
01/23/2013 Row 30sec on 30 sec off RXed 1689 lbs Rowed total of 1689 meters
01/22/2013 Rowing WOD (Max Pressure) RXed 3598 lbs rowed a total of 3598 meters, here is the break down: 1K - 4:57 (messed up and hand to stop for a little bit) 1K - 3:57 500m - 1:51 500m - 1:59 250m - 0:52 250m - 0:51 (inner beast)
01/22/2013 Row Intervals (Pyramid) RXed 4042 4042 Pr'd kicking ass
01/21/2013 Spicy Steady State RXed 6611 lbs rowed a total of 6611 meters 1st rd 3343 2nd rd 3268 Legs were tired...need to get back into shape...I know I keep on saying that, but the amount of field time has just kept me in a constant keeping up state. Sucks!!
01/20/2013 Rowing WOD RXed 08:05 21 - 15 - 9 for time of: Row for calories power cleans #95 push ups felt good getting 8:05
01/18/2013 Rowing WOD AMRAP RXed 7 rounds Count how many reps of thrusters completed
01/12/2013 Morning Run RXed 30:00 Just wanted to do a slow relax 30 min run around Ft Irwin...nothing to prove.
01/11/2013 Night at Ft. Irwin RXed Gym was crowded...and really was just putting this together...will try again and do it for time!
01/10/2013 Morning PT RXed 15:00 Cold and wet
01/09/2013 Rowing Renegade WOD RXed 24:40 splits Rd 1 - 2:30 Rd 2 - 2:20 Rd 3 - 2:30 Rd 4 - 3:00 Rd 5 - 2:30 great WOD loving rowing
01/08/2013 Row 20:40 RXed 1636 lbs total meters rowed 1636 slowest split was 1:51 fastest split was 1:39
01/07/2013 Snow Drift RXed 7044 lbs rowed a total of 7044 meters Breakdown: rd 1 - 3672meters rd 2 - 3372meters
01/06/2013 Cindy RXed 12 rounds Freaken pull ups
01/06/2013 Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps RXed 645 lbs Failed on 155
01/05/2013 Row Intervals (1:40) RXed 3840 3840 meters pr'd this by 180 meters....going to start following renegade rowing
01/03/2013 Row Sprint Intervals RXed 1407 rowed total of 1407meters
01/03/2013 Row, Power Clean RXed 06:09 working out in the basement....through this together...worked up quite a sweat!!!
01/02/2013 Helen PRed RXed 13:05 Pull ups suck
01/01/2013 Row Intervals (1:40) RXed 3670 Pr'd this by78 meters...rowed total of 3670 meters
01/01/2013 Power Snatch, Toes To Bar, Wall Ball Mod 13:19 Did #65 hang snatch
12/31/2012 Row Intervals (Pyramid) RXed 3975 rowed 3975 meters, and increase of 50 meters
12/29/2012 Row Intervals RXed 3612 3612 total meters rowed in the interval sets...loving the new concept 2 rower.
12/28/2012 Front Squat, Power Clean, Pull Up, Run, Toes To Bar Mod 42:40 Subbed #95 for #115 ripped the crap out of my hands...struggled with pull ups
12/27/2012 J.T. RXed 14:38
12/27/2012 row intervals RXed 3925 total meters rowed was 3925...need to shoot for 4000m next time.
12/26/2012 Row RXed 02:02 Time is best split time.
12/26/2012 Hang Power Snatch, Muscle Up, Squats Mod 16:08 subbed 95lbs for the hang squat cleans, and worked on bar MU, could not get them, but worked on the hip kip to the bar.
12/25/2012 Michael PRed Mod 26:36 sub run for 1000m row and did super mans instead of back extensions.
12/22/2012 Endurance RXed 18:00 Just want to get a good slow burn
12/21/2012 Push Press, Run, Ring Row Mod 07:05 At hotel, had to modify...ran on treadmill, the heaviest dumbbells were #55 and did a really scary modified set of rows...it was the best I could do!
12/20/2012 Kettlebell Swing, Pull Up, Wall Ball RXed 5 Chest to bars killed me...should have scaled
12/20/2012 250m Row Sprints RXed 00:56 This is an average time
12/19/2012 Back squat, GHD RXed 06:05
12/18/2012 Tabata This! RXed 55 rounds Added highest rep completed
12/17/2012 5k Run RXed
12/17/2012 Box Jump, Deadlift, Push Up RXed 4
12/14/2012 BN Run RXed Have not been running, need to get back to running at least 4 miles a day
12/11/2012 2012 CrossFit Games Regional: Individual Event 3 PRed Mod 04:15 Used 65lbs instead of 100lbs
12/09/2012 Deadlift, Handstand Push Up, Squats Mod 10:17 Subbed #225 deadlifts for # 275
12/08/2012 Endurance RXed 10:21 Endurance is lacking
12/08/2012 CFHQ WOD Mod 10:35 Subbed 65# overhead squats and did 3xpull ups and 3xdips for muscle ups
12/06/2012 Double Under, Push Jerk Mod 18 Did first rd of double unders, after that went to single unders and double up on reps...only did 115 on push jerks
12/05/2012 Hills Have Eyes RXed 5 rounds Trying to get back into running shape.
12/04/2012 Box Jump, Overhead Walking Lunge, Ring Dip Mod 6
12/01/2012 Back Squat, Box Jump, Burpee, Clean, Deadlift, Double Under, Front Squat, Ghd Sit Ups, Kettlebell Swing, Knees To Elbows, Overhead Squat, Pull Up, Push Press, Push Up, Sit Up, Thruster, Walking Lunge, Wall Ball RXed 43:05
12/01/2012 Morning run RXed
11/30/2012 Btry Run RXed Stopped to help a soldier... Smoked myself trying to catch up.
11/29/2012 Tabata...Grab some space RXed good workout with the guys, will continue to improve on this
11/28/2012 Army PT RXed Just working up a sweat
11/28/2012 OPCF WOD Mod 06:02 Tweaked elbow, so did regular push ups
11/27/2012 Army PT RXed After this we went out side and did 10 x 100m sprints and 400m sprint w/ 2x 200m sprints.
11/26/2012 Burpee, Row, Toes To Bar RXed 14
11/26/2012 Army PT RXed 15:00 Did this with two other officers. Worked up a good sweat!!
11/25/2012 Front Squat, Pull Up Mod 15:30 Ripped thr crap out of my hands, was able to finish 3 rds... Hands are just too soft!!!
11/25/2012 Endurance Run RXed
11/25/2012 Flipping Tire RXed 22 rounds Did not keep time, will next time
11/24/2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.1 RXed 70
11/23/2012 Weston RXed 37:20
11/22/2012 Endurance Run RXed 20:00 Ran on track around neighborhood
11/21/2012 BDE Run RXed 40:00 BDE Motviational Run...Org day
11/19/2012 Run, Sprint RXed Did this on treadmill ran a 8:30 mile, then put elevation on 3%
11/17/2012 Endurance Run RXed 20:00 On treadmill....just wanted to sweat a little
11/16/2012 CrossFit Matters 2min Drill RXed 107 Awesome being back at CF Matters
11/15/2012 OPCF RXed 13:42 Good WOD
11/14/2012 Endurance Mod Oh my gosh am I out of shape
11/13/2012 Box jumps, pull ups and KBS RXed 3 rounds I am off...unfortunately not motivated...will get it back!!
11/12/2012 Veteran's Day WOD RXed 2 rounds Smoker
11/12/2012 Run RXed Have not run I awhile, felt good... About 22 degrees out
11/09/2012 DT RXed 22:00 Killer!!!! Hang power cleans killed me
11/08/2012 Seven and Stuff RXed 12 rounds Feeling better just need that endurance back
11/08/2012 OPCF WOD RXed 15:39 Great WOD
11/07/2012 Get Up RXed Once again just getting back from the field... So out of it, time to get back!!!!
11/07/2012 Power Clean, Rope Climb Mod 12:56 Did three rds and did toes to bar... Moving slow...I will get it back
10/25/2012 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of: 95 pound Sumo deadlift high pull Lateral jumps, over 24 obstacle RXed 11:00
10/24/2012 100's Sprints RXed Sprint 100m and then walked a 100m...Most people jogged, but I get more out of the sprinting portion when I walk. Good Morning
10/23/2012 The Woislaw Special RXed 30:00
10/22/2012 Push Press, Squat Snatch Mod 11 Did power cleans, did not see snatch
10/21/2012 Tabata in the field RXed 329 lbs
10/21/2012 Ghd Sit Ups, Muscle Up Mod 08:23 Did sit ups with ab mat and subbed pull ups and ring dips for MU
10/19/2012 Tabata Field RXed Need to start recording these
10/18/2012 Helping Han RXed Did it with some friends showing them different movement
10/15/2012 Morning PT RXed
10/14/2012 Endurance Run RXed Need to get back into the flow... These 2 mile hurt
10/14/2012 Tabata for the field RXed Just doing this to attempt to stay in shape while all this field crap is going on.
10/11/2012 Kansas City Suffle RXed Wife back in hospital just wanted to get the blood pumping
10/08/2012 Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps RXed 1020 lbs Took it light
10/08/2012 Endurance run RXed Heading back to the field
10/06/2012 100 Burpee pull-ups Mod 13:41 Did 50
10/06/2012 Endurance RXed rounds Felt good running, but didn't push hard!
10/05/2012 Box Jump, Squat Clean Mod 11:27 Been outin the field scaled since first day back 115#
09/29/2012 Handstand Walk, Kettlebell Swing, Walking Lunge RXed 18:56 Handstand walk is work in progress
09/28/2012 Officer PT RXed Sprinted my ass off
09/27/2012 Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps RXed 905 lbs Did this after running 4 miles
09/27/2012 Golf Course Run RXed 30:00
09/26/2012 Army CrossFit RXed 15:00 Good WOD, but more of a warm up. Preparing for field, so don't have much time...sucks
09/25/2012 Endurance Rune RXed Ran from BN to CK PT 2... Did not run hard after being in the field for two weeks
09/23/2012 Angie PRed Mod 19:27 Cut everything in half... Been spending a lot of time in the field,
09/16/2012 185 pound Clean and jerk, 30 reps RXed 16:01
09/15/2012 Double Under, Walking Lunge RXed 14:36
09/09/2012 Kansas City Shuffle RXed The walk was long than I thought!
09/08/2012 Hang Power Clean, Push Press RXed 49 Suffered through this, have been nursing an a foot injury
09/07/2012 APFT RXed 272 Ran on hilly terrain, and foot is still hurting, but pretty proud of a 272. Increased score by 12 points.
09/06/2012 Morning PT RXed 7 rounds Legs were burning...
09/06/2012 Helen RXed 15:55 Had to move around the gym a lot, probably could have taken one or two minutes off, but no matter. Pull ups were full extension, so felt like I did this correctly.
09/05/2012 95 pound Thruster, 100 reps RXed 14:45 Damn this sucked
09/04/2012 Morning PT RXed 45:00 Smoked
09/03/2012 Burpee, Deadlift, Pull Up RXed 22:53 Chest to bars killed me, but I did them.
09/02/2012 Manion Mod 46:30 Subbed with 500m row....brutal!
08/31/2012 Holleyman RXed 41:38 Holy Cow!!
08/30/2012 Battalion Run RXed 36:00 Good slow run
08/30/2012 CrossFit Total PRed RXed 935 lbs PP: 185 Squat:325 Deadlift: 425
08/29/2012 Deadlifts, HSPU and T2B RXed 10:42 Really wanted to get a good workout in. HSPU were good and deadlifts, but T2Bs need to work on form, too much kipping.
08/28/2012 Colorado RXed 4 rounds
08/28/2012 Morning PT RXed 45:00 Quick sprint for a half mile...iron mikes...run to fire station and back...total of about 3 miles
08/27/2012 Run RXed 18:18 Hilly, but felt good!
08/25/2012 30 rounds for distance of: Row 30 seconds Rest 30 seconds RXed 4594
08/24/2012 Endurance Run RXed 30:00 Ran with a buddy...he needed to use the rest room...so a little slower this time, but the humidity is ridiculous...got a good sweat on!
08/23/2012 Tully Mod 31:29 Ran 400 m instead of swim
08/22/2012 Power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps RXed 1520 lbs Pr'd 235
08/22/2012 Max Clean RXed 235 lbs
08/21/2012 Run and Thruster RXed 18:47 Run on treadmill
08/21/2012 Endurance RXed 24:00 Got of work and ran in the dark, this fort has a lot of potholes, but breathing felt right!
08/19/2012 5K Sunday RXed 26:00 Damn it's humid in Louisiana!!!
08/19/2012 Burpee, Deadlift RXed 07:43 5 rds 5x275# DLs and 10xBrupees
08/18/2012 Knees To Elbows, Overhead Walking Lunge Mod 19:40 Just did 45lb plate overhead
08/17/2012 Shuttle sprints, chest to bar pull ups RXed Goat Day
08/16/2012 Active Rest RXed Just wanted a good sweat going
08/16/2012 Fox Den Run RXed 10:00 Just short light run after work
08/15/2012 Fox Den Run RXed 10:00 Light run after work
08/15/2012 Box Jump, Kettlebell Swing, Ring Dip Mod 8 Had to sub and scale. 1.5 pood and did bar dips and air squats instead of box jumps...guys got pissed at me jumping on the bench!
08/14/2012 Thrusters, pull ups and jump rope RXed 24:23 Pull ups-work in progress No room in gym to do double unders barley room to jumps rope.
08/13/2012 Run/SDHP RXed 12:47 Should have done 50
08/11/2012 Row, Run, Swim RXed 0 Treadmill ran around 7:00 min mile pace
08/10/2012 Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat RXed 3115 lbs Could not go to full potential, at globogym did not want to drop iron weights!
08/09/2012 Jared Mod 35:14 Cut everything in half except the run, did the WOD at JRTC, so some dude kept on asking for a spot>:( finished 4 rds 800m run on treadmill, 20 pull ups and 35 push ups.
08/08/2012 Morning PT RXed 26:00 Really humid but good route
08/08/2012 100 sit ups for time RXed 03:45 Feet anchored
08/08/2012 Overhead Squat and Snatch RXed 1035 lbs 45x3, 55x3, 65x3, 75x3, 95, 105, 115
08/07/2012 Overhead squats, snatch RXed 10:28
08/06/2012 Tabata Something Else RXed 324
08/06/2012 Morning PT RXed 26:00
08/05/2012 Push Jerk, Push Press, Shoulder Press RXed 2405 lbs 185 on SP 195 on PPX3 155 on PJX5
08/04/2012 Run, shuttle sprints RXed 45:00
08/03/2012 Rope Climb, Thruster Mod 08:12 No rope, did towel pull ups to work grip
08/02/2012 Filthy Fifty RXed 36:24
08/01/2012 Clean and Jerk 3-3-3-3-3 reps RXed 815 lbs
07/31/2012 Morning PT Intervals RXed
07/30/2012 Burpee, Hang Power Clean PRed RXed 09:40
07/30/2012 Morning PT RXed 3 rough coming back off of leave, need to run more
07/29/2012 Deadlift, Handstand Push Up, Jump And Touch RXed 13:18
07/27/2012 Isabel RXed 06:07
07/26/2012 Back Squat, Ghd Sit Ups Mod 09:44 Used 185 on back squats
07/25/2012 Max Pull Ups RXed 10 My goat!!!
07/25/2012 Push Press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps. RXed 1215 lbs
07/25/2012 500mtr Row RXed 01:53
07/24/2012 Morning run RXed
07/24/2012 Ship Mod 32:26 Used #135... Finished all 9 rds... This was a smoker!!
07/23/2012 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Chipper Mod 15:16 Subbed MU with burpee pull ups, 95lbs overhead squats and thrusters and 135 lbs power cleans
07/23/2012 Morning run RXed 26:00
07/21/2012 Deadlift, Double Under, Ghd Sit Ups, Overhead Squat, Pull Up RXed 13:29
07/20/2012 Battery Run RXed 45:00
07/19/2012 Cindy RXed 15 rounds
07/19/2012 Functional PT RXed 45:00
07/18/2012 3 Mile Run RXed 00:25
07/17/2012 Elizabeth PRed Mod 06:23 Used bars instead of rings
07/17/2012 Morning PT Mod
07/17/2012 1000M Row RXed 04:22
07/16/2012 Morning PT-miles RXed 4 Ran 4 miles, just returning from leave, need to run more and get lighter...time to start the diet.
07/16/2012 Grace PRed RXed 05:20
07/14/2012 Morning run RXed
07/14/2012 Snatch, pull ups, dips and run RXed 15:50
07/13/2012 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Clean Ladder RXed 1100 Began with 145
07/12/2012 Box jumps, PPRS, KB swings RXed 4 rounds
07/11/2012 Kansas City-KUMed shuffle Mod
07/10/2012 Linda RXed 33:56 Sucked
07/09/2012 8 rounds of: Run 400 meters Rest 90 seconds RXed 21:30 Did it on treadmill
07/08/2012 Walking with the wife RXed
07/08/2012 Water Tower Run RXed Did not stop...good run
07/08/2012 Toes to bar, wall ball RXed 24:00 Toes to Bars killed me
07/07/2012 Tumilson RXed 26:23
07/05/2012 Family fun run RXed
07/04/2012 Morning Run RXed 20:00
07/03/2012 Nasty Girls Mod 16:52 Sub pull ups and dips
07/03/2012 Morning PT Mod Worked on push ups for APFT
07/02/2012 Endurance RXed 20:00
07/02/2012 Battery Run RXed 40:00 It was hot, but the guys were motivated
06/30/2012 Morning run RXed
06/29/2012 Officer PT RXed 55:00
06/28/2012 Pull Up, Push Press, Squats Mod 3
06/28/2012 Combatives RXed 45:00
06/26/2012 The real SQT RXed 04:30
06/26/2012 Morning PT Mod
06/25/2012 Box Jump, Handstand Walk, Hip Extension, Knees To Elbows Mod 20:13 Did push presses
06/25/2012 PLT Run RXed
06/22/2012 Battery Run RXed 45
06/21/2012 Sand Bagging Mod
06/20/2012 Deadlift, Thruster RXed 09:00
06/20/2012 Ability Group Run RXed 0 Need to extended group to estes street.
06/19/2012 Nick RXed 36:28 smoker
06/19/2012 1SG PT RXed 30:00 Sucked
06/18/2012 Snatch 2-2-2-2-2-2 reps RXed 915
06/18/2012 Water tower hill run RXed 21:30 Hot and windy, almost made it all the way up the hill. Stopped once. Improvement!
06/16/2012 Sprints, push ups RXed 09:25
06/15/2012 Amanda Mod 20:43 Modified for MU did 3 pull ups and 3 dips
06/15/2012 Endurance RXed 24:00
06/14/2012 Morning PT Mod 00:30
06/13/2012 Evening Endurance Mod
06/12/2012 PRT RXed
06/11/2012 Cindy RXed 14 rounds
06/11/2012 Division Run RXed 30
06/10/2012 Weekend Endurance RXed 25:00 It was hot and windy...working to get endurance back...field has just killed my diet and run time
06/09/2012 Out of town endurance RXed 18:30
06/08/2012 1SG PT RXed 50:36
06/06/2012 Michael RXed 28:39
06/05/2012 Morning PT RXed 0
06/04/2012 Handstand Push Up, Hang Squat Clean RXed 12:50
06/03/2012 Nancy RXed 24:56
06/02/2012 Endurance RXed 20:00
06/02/2012 Pull Up, Run RXed 9
05/31/2012 CrossFit Total RXed 905 lbs
05/31/2012 BN Run RXed 30:00
05/30/2012 Row, Jump Rope, Deadlifts, push ups Mod
05/29/2012 Endurance RXed 35:00
05/29/2012 Front Squats, Burpees and Pull ups RXed 13:35 need more work on pull ups
05/28/2012 Row, push press RXed 15:20
05/24/2012 Gill RXed 08:45
05/23/2012 Pull Up, Ring Dip, Squats RXed 11
05/22/2012 Helen RXed 15:45
05/21/2012 Bench Press, Row Mod 21:20
05/19/2012 Power Clean, Wall Ball RXed 12:20
05/16/2012 Jag 28 Mod 24:50
05/14/2012 Max Overhead Squat RXed 145 lbs
05/10/2012 Back Extension, Pull Up Mod 09:41
05/09/2012 Three rounds of: Run 800 meters Rest 2 minutes RXed 11:38
05/06/2012 2012 CrossFit Games Regional: Individual Event 3 Mod 06:47 Scaled to 70# Dumbbell Snatch
05/03/2012 Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps PRed RXed 1275 lbs
05/02/2012 the chief RXed 13 rounds
05/01/2012 Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 reps RXed 665 lbs
04/30/2012 Diane RXed 08:50
03/23/2012 Diane RXed 06:43
03/14/2012 J.T. PRed RXed 13:50
03/02/2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.2 RXed 45
02/29/2012 Handstand Push Up, Toes To Bar, Run, Push Press, Double Under RXed 22:22
02/27/2012 Row, Pull Up RXed 09:30
02/26/2012 Crossfit Open WOD 12.1 RXed 86 rounds
02/25/2012 Zimmerman RXed 9 9 rds plus 7 pull ups
02/24/2012 Griff RXed 14:58
02/24/2012 BTRY Motivation Run 4 Miles Mod 40:00
02/23/2012 CrossFit Games Open 12.1 PRed RXed 74
02/23/2012 Ability Group Mod 40
02/22/2012 Morning PT Mod 45:00
02/21/2012 Clean, Bench Press, Overhead Squat RXed 615
02/17/2012 Angie RXed 20:04
02/16/2012 Power Clean, Thruster RXed 16:30
02/15/2012 Burpee, Double Under RXed 26:45
02/13/2012 Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps RXed 1045 lbs
02/12/2012 Row 2K 50 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball Row 1K 35 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball Row 500 meters 20 Wall-ball shots, 20 pound ball RXed 21:56
02/11/2012 Erin RXed 23:48
02/10/2012 Run, Muscle Up Mod 32 Subbed pull ups and dips for MU
02/09/2012 Run, Squat Clean Thruster RXed 32:32
02/08/2012 APFT RXed 15:07
02/07/2012 Main Site RXed 25:19
02/06/2012 Deadlifts and T2B RXed 12:15
02/05/2012 Push Press, Overhead Squat, Ghd Sit Ups RXed 4
02/04/2012 Family Bond RXed 12 rounds
02/03/2012 Deadlift, Double Under RXed 08:53
02/02/2012 Crossfit Matters RXed 17:00
02/01/2012 Handstand Push Up, Pull Up, Kettlebell Swing, Sit Up, Burpee RXed 27:43
01/18/2012 Elizabeth RXed 10:18
01/18/2012 Elizabeth RXed 10:14
11/11/2011 Elizabeth RXed 13:35
11/01/2011 Endurance RXed 24:00
10/29/2011 CF Endurance RXed 405 lbs 315X3 365X2 375X2 385 405 410(f)
10/27/2011 CF Endurance RXed 25:30
10/26/2011 Elizabeth RXed 14:54
10/23/2011 CF Endurance WOD RXed 22:45
10/22/2011 CF WOD RXed 19:00


Finally got some tires
Crossfit Open at CF Manhattan, KS
Crossfit Open WOD 3 with Megan John of CF Manhattan KS as my judge.


Girls Show All Girls
15 rounds
Heroes Show All Heroes
Body Weight Show All Body Weight
100 sit ups for time
1000M Row
5 K Run
500mtr Row
Max Pull Ups
Max Load Show All Max Load
Max Back Squat
345 lbs
Max Clean
235 lbs
Max Clean & Jerk
225 lbs
Max Deadlift
425 lbs
Max Front Squat
245 lbs
Max Overhead Squat
145 lbs
Max Push Press
205 lbs
Max Shoulder Press
215 lbs
Other Show Other
CrossFit Total
935 lbs
Fight Gone Bad!
Filthy Fifty
Tabata Something Else